Patient Testimonials

“Some years ago, I was recommended to see Amy Hookem when suffering from back pain. Within a very few sessions, I had fully recovered. Since then I still visit Amy for treatment once every 2 or 3 months and I am happy to say the pain has never returned. I would have no hesitation in recommending Amy to anyone. Indeed at least two people I know who had suffered for some time and had tried other forms of treatment which had not been effective, went to see Amy on my recommendation and all s now well.

Very professional, very helpful and very effective.”

Bill Waddington

“After being in agony with my back for months and having been to my GP to no avail, I decided to give a chiropractor a chance, and wish I’d done it sooner. Amy worked wonders, and after several treatments my back is back to normal and I can continue with my life without the constant pain and stiffness. She also sorted out my dodgy achilles as well as my back. In future, if I had a problem, I wouldn’t hesitate to make an appointment so that Amy can work her magic again.”

Helen Luty

“I carelessly injured my back 3 times in 2014 and every time Amy set me straight. To add insult to injury, I injured my neck shoulder and back in a skiing accident at christmas. Once again Amy managed to treat all affected areas, to bring about quick and lasting improvement in just a few treatments.

Many thanks, David.”

David Price

“After three years of struggling with neck pain my friend recommended treatment from a chiropractor. I had come to believe that the problems with my neck were going to be with me forever, as trips to the doctor, DIY massage, heat pads and so on failed to provide me with comfort. Deep down I felt doubtful that anything could help. Amy provided me with a clear idea of what she felt was wrong and was needed to be done to potentially fix the problem. While the pain didn’t disappear after the first couple of sessions, I could feel an immediate benefit. I started to rediscover a whole range of movements in my neck that I had forgotten were possible. Several sessions on and the improvement in my neck is amazing. I no longer wake up in pain every morning or sit in meetings stretching my neck from side to side to attempt to relieve the pain. I couldn’t endorse Amy enough to someone who has issues like mine. She was the best recommendation my friend has ever made.”

 Joey Hopkinson

After an accident in which I broke my foot, I had to wear a special boot for 6 weeks. The foot healed fine but sadly the boot left it’s own problems. I ended up with terrible pains in my knee and buttocks. I was advised to see an NHS physio, but the waiting list was very long and I’d already had the pain for 2 months. Someone upstairs must have been looking after me because a leaflet popped through my door when I was feeling particularly low and uncomfortable. It was for a Chiropractor new to Chapel Allerton called Amy Hookem. I booked in to see her, a very professional young lady. After 5 painful but obviously necessary treatments, the difference was amazing. I no longer require treatment from Amy but I wouldn’t hesitate to visit her again should the need arise, and would recommend her to anyone in need of an excellent Chiropractor.

Susan Wykurz

I recently injured my back at work . If I’d have left it to my Doctor I would still be in agony . I went to see Amy and she has performed miracles. I visited her over four weeks and found Amy to be very friendly, approachable and she speaks in layman terms to explain what she is doing and why . You can have a laugh with Amy as she gets to work on the problem and this helps to take your mind off whats happening . I would have no hesitation in recommending Amy. I always looked forward to the Finale!! Cheers Amy

Paul Duffy