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What about Chiropractic for Arthritis?
September 28, 2015

 Feeling the cold already?

Wrinkled Hands


Winter is fast approaching and as the air pressure drops, you may be feeling more aches and pains than you did in the summer, especially if you suffer from arthritis. You may think there is nothing that can be done about this, but you would be wrong! Although the bony changes associated with osteoarthritis cannot be reversed, the symptoms can be reduced with chiropractic care. Manipulation, mobilisation and soft tissue work can help improve mobility and reduce the pain in joints. This is effective on most joints, but is especially effective on knees (yes we treat knees too!). This doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal. Once the initial improvement has been made, treatments can be as infrequent as every 3-4 months to prevent reoccurrence.

Don’t suffer this winter, try chiropractic for arthritis!

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